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The Mill VFX Showreel 2013

Stunning Filmmaking and Motion Effects. The creative people of The Mill have released this stunning VFX Showreel. The video features a compilation of amazing clips...

Arthur Portnoy – The New Executive Producer of Artjail

Artjail Fall 2013 Montage The highly experienced executive producer Arthur Portnoy goes to the New York City-based visual effects studio Artjail. Arthur Portnoy has extensive...

ARC – Audiovisual Reverse Mapping Project by Martin Böttger

ARC. An audiovisual reverse mapping project of striking motion graphics in combination with sound by Martin Böttger aka TSAWORKS for a workshop at the School of Arts and...

The Mill Showreel 2012

Amazing Showreel. Showreel from award winning visual effects studio The Mill.