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Celestial Night – Danielle Aldrich

Celestial Night. Modern typeface design by Danielle Aldrich, a graphic designer from Lawrence, USA.

Tyface Memory Game by ps.2 and BIS Publishers

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog - Cards. A typeface memory game, designed by ps.2 in collaboration with BIS Publishers from the...

Custom Letterpress Business Cards and Stationery by PRINT and GRAIN

Inspiring Print Design. Custom designed letterpress business cards and stationery by PRINT and GRAIN. More designs here.

Typographic Work by Kent Floris

Cash Rules Everything Around Me. Typographic artwork by Kent Floris, an illustrator and motion graphics designer.

Typographic Poster by Nicolas Baillargeon

Hand-drawn typographic poster. "The client is not always right" - A quote by Enzo Ferrari. The poster is part of a personal project by Nicolas...

Graphics and Illustrations by Jonathan Lax

Creative Design. Amazing graphics and illustrations for clothing and prints by Jonathan Lax from Israel. If you would like to purchase some of his works,...
Form minus Function

Form minus Function by Paul Hollingworth

Experimental Photomanipulations An experinental project by Paul Hollingworth. "A series of self-initiated images titled 'Form minus Function'. It's fair to say that type and ink only ever...

Identity and Poster Design by We are all in this together

Typographic Identity, Poster and Flyer Design. For the 2012 'Sounds Nordic Sounds Good' music festival in Zürich, the multidisciplinary design studio 'We are all in...

Type Design by Pedro Leal

User, User Stencil and User Upright - Type Family. A monospaced type family with 30 styles by Pedro Leal. "User is a monospaced type family with...

Nougatine – A Free Font by Fabien Laborie

Nougatine Font A font designed by graphic designer Fabien Laborie. "Nougatine is a titling font inspired by the smell of freshly baked cookies. Delivered with 380...

Typographic Print by Seb Lester

Typography Poster Design The 'Stars' print by graphic designer and illustrator Seb Lester is based on a quote by Vincent Van Gogh. Available here.

Retro Typography Poster Design by Alex Varanese

Awesome Retro Design A small selection of a set of retro poster designs by Alex Varanese, created with different original typefaces. Check out the full...