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“Me And My Other Me” Illustrations by Fulvio Obregon

"Me And My Other Me", a series of illustrations by Fulvio Obregon featuring the young vs the older personality of diverse celebrities. This project by Fulvio...

Unused Fortune Magazine Cover Illustration by Alex Varanese

"Steve Maobs" An unused cover artwork by Alex Varanese for Fortune Magazine. The illustration is merging Steve Jobs and Chairman Mao into a single iconic...

Steve Jobs – Quote Poster by Two Arms Inc.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish The well known quote by the legendary Steve Jobs. Typographic poster design by Two Arms Inc. source toresolveproject.com

Steve Jobs Portraits by Charis Tsevis

Amazing Steve Jobs Portraits Steve Jobs portraits of several decades, created by Charis Tsevis for different magazines as collages with a variety of apple products.