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Big A Shirt by Typewear

Typographic T-Shirt Design. This is the right t-shirt for all design and type addicts. T-shirt design by Typewear.

Graphics, Illustrations and Artworks by Cory Schmitz

Inspiring Graphics and Illustrations. Some graphics and illustration artworks for several projects by Cory Schmitz, a Seattle-based graphic designer and art director. Cory Schmitz creates...

State of the Obvious Brand Identity by Mash Creative

State of the Obvious Brand identity with a collection of products "which turns conventional branding on its head" by Mash Creative, an independent design studio...

Stolen Souls T-Shirt Illustration by David Fleck

Stolen Souls A really cool T-Shirt illustration by David Fleck. Available on threadless. Be careful with your camera...

“Ampertastic Mr. Fox” T-Shirt Design by Sock Monkee

Ampertastic Mr. Fox T-Shirt design by Sock Monkee. Printed on American Apparel with soft-hand inks. Buy it here.