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This ceramic sculpture is part of May Von Krogh's installation Angels trumpet and the milky moon violin.

May Von Krogh Artist and Sculptor

Selected pieces of sculptures and installations by Norwegian artist May Von Krogh. May Von Krogh was born in 1977. The Norwegian artist and sculptor lives...
Sculptures by Lynn Chadwick.

Lynn Chadwick – British Sculptor

Selected sculptures by legendary British artist Lynn Chadwick. Lynn Chadwick (November 24, 1914 – April 25, 2003) was a British sculptor. He made a name...
A hyperreal sculptural portrait by artist Elizabeth King.

Elizabeth King: “Compass” Exhibition at DANESE/COREY, NYC

Elizabeth King's current exhibition "Compass" at Chelsea's DANESE/COREY gallery presents exquisitely sculpted portraits and small-scale wooden limbs. A body of work from different decades by...
Wild at Heart exhibit at the Bryan Ohno Gallery, Seattle with artworks by Travis Pond and ecologist-painter Adrianne Smits.

“Wild at Heart” Exhibit at the Bryan Ohno Gallery, Seattle

Wild at Heart exhibit at the Bryan Ohno Gallery, Seattle with artworks by sculptor Travis Pond and ecologist-painter Adrianne Smits. In anticipation of the Seattle...
And in the endless sounds there came a pause - laminated hand carved wood - work from 2014.

Wood Sculptures by Paul Kaptein

Selected wood sculptures by artist Paul Kaptein from 2013 and 2014. Paul Kaptein is a sculptor mainly working with laminated wood. His artworks transform the...
Fjord - Laminated clear float glass with cast concrete base and cast white bronze cabin.

Waterscapes Glass Sculptures by Ben Young

Amazing glass sculptures of different dreamlike waterscapes by artist Ben Young. Ben Young is a self-taught sculptor raised in Waihi Beach, New Zealand currently living...
Sculpture by Tom Eckert

Sculptures by Artist Tom Eckert

Sculptural Art. The artist Tom Eckert creates sculptures formed of a single piece of wood and then painted. Tom Eckert works with different techniques such...
Stone Sculpture by Japanese Artist Jiyuseki

Stone Sculptures by Japanese Artist Jiyuseki

Incredible Stone Sculptures. Jiyuseki is a Japanese artist and sculptor who carves incredible sculptures in stone to create a perfect illusion of a soft or...
Matchstickmen Art Installation by Wolfgang Stiller

Matchstickmen – Art Installation by Wolfgang Stiller

Matchstickmen. A sculptural project by artist Wolfgang Stiller for several installations. The matchstickmen sculptures are made of wood, foam, and acrylic paint. Wolfgang Stiller is a...
Art Sculpture by Gregor Gaida

Freaky Art Sculptures by Gregor Gaida

Sculptural Art. Outstanding figurative sculptures by Bremen Germany-based artist Gregor Gaida. His sculptures often depict strange compositions of animals or interactions between people.
Bronze Sculptures by Bruno Catalano

Bronze Sculptures by Bruno Catalano

Creative Sculptures. Bronze sculpture by French artist and sculptor Bruno Catalano. The special feature of Bruno Catalano's sculptures is the lacking mid section. source: designyoutrust.com
Sculpture by Ron Ulicny

Creative Sculptures by Ron Ulicny

Inspiring Sculptures. Portland-based artist Ron Ulicny creates fantastic sculptures by repurposing and rearranging ordinary objects and materials. source: thisiscolossal.com