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Keith Haring exhibition at Albertina, Wien

Keith Haring Exhibition at Albertina Wien

Keith Haring – The Alphabet, an exhibition at Albertina, Wien. On display until June 24, Albertina in Wien dedicates a comprehensive exhibition to Keith Haring...

Jared Yamahata Illustrations

Pop culture inspired illustrations and paintings by Jared Yamahata. Jared Yamahata was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He received his B.F.A. in illustration...
Pablo Picasso – paper artwork from a collection of cut portraits.

Yoo Hyun – Carved Paper Portraits

Hand-carved paper portraits of famous personalities by South Korean artist Yoo Hyun. Using an x-acto knife, South Korean artist Yoo Hyun creates hand-carved paper portraits of famous...

Burger Bar Identity by kissmiklos for Burger&Love

Burger&Love, a playful burger bar brand identity design by kissmiklos. Kissmiklos, a Budapest, Hungary based graphic designer and visual artist was hired to develop a...
Provocative Pop Art by Eric Yahnker

Satirical Pop Art by Eric Yahnker

Paintings and drawings by artist Eric Yahnker from 2014. Los Angeles-based artist Eric Yahnker creates large-sized satirical pop art. He uses colored pencil as well as charcoal,...

Screenprint Illustrations by Fantome

Fantome Illustrations. Check out this fine compilation of illustrations by Fantome, a graphic artist and illustrator influenced by films and TV of the 80s, posters,...
Painting by Eric White

Paintings by Eric White

Art Inspiration Paintings by Eric White, an artist based in Brooklyn, New York.