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Bar Illustrations by Charlie Davis

Capturing the magic of human connections in two illustrations. Charlie Davis is a London-based illustrator and artist who creates nostalgic, expressive artwork inspired by everyday...
Performance II - Painting by Dan Voinea

Paintings by Dan Voinea

The Art of Dan Voinea. Dan Voinea is a Bucharest, Romania based artist. His artworks depict stereotypical people of everyday life in the realm of...
Birdman - Drawing by Leah Yerpe

The Visual Art of Leah Yerpe

Drawings and Paintings of Floating Bodies. Fantastic drawings and paintings of floating and falling people or horses created by Leah Yerpe, a Brooklyn, New York-based...
Bodies in Urban Spaces - Human Art Installations by Cie. Willi Dorner

Bodies in Urban Spaces – Art Installations by Cie. Willi Dorner

Bodies in Urban Spaces. A temporary intervention in diversified urban architectonical environment by Vienna, Austria-based artist Cie. Willi Dorner in collaboration with photographer Lisa Rastl....

Occupants by Henry Rollins

Occupants. Author and Photographer: Henry Rollins Book Description: For the past twenty-five years, Henry Rollins has searched out the most desolate corners of the Earth—from Iraq...
Aoki Tetsuo Illustration

Aoki Tetsuo Illustration

Standout Illustration. Creative works by Japanese artist and illustrator Aoki Tetsuo. Check out more illustrations by Aoki Tetsuo  available as art prints here.