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American Artist Justin Hopkins

Selected oil paintings by American artist Justin Hopkins. Justin Hopkins grew up in Mukilteo, Washington. At an early stage, he discovered his interest in art...

The Art of Lorella Paleni

Dreamlike Paintings. Selected paintings by Lorella Paleni. The artworks look as if someone cut them out of a dream. Lorella Paleni mixes different styles such...

The Writer – Series of Paintings by Justin Harris

The Writer. A series of paintings by Justin Harris, an artist and illustrator from London, UK. The artworks have been created by using oil, acrylic,...

The Art of Łukasz Koniuszy

Paintings and Drawings. Some beautiful paintings and drawings by Łukasz Koniuszy, a Polish artist. Łukasz Koniuszy is specializes in Graffiti, Painting, and Drawing. For the...

Parallel Realities – Oil Paintings by Roy Nachum

Fascinating Art. Stunning oil on canvas paintings from the series 'Parallel Realities' by artist Roy Nachum.

Art Series by Jonathan Saiz

ALKAHEST A series of paintings by artist Jonathan Saiz. "In this crystalline form everything is made of the multitude - the splendors of Versailles, the rearing...

Paintings by Melinda Maytas

Art Inspiration. Paintings by Melinda Maytas, a Hungarian artist, based in Romania.

Fascinating Paintings by Michael Peck

Standout Inspiring Art. Paintings by artist Michael Peck. "Michael Peck’s artistic practice is concerned with the sensation of disorientation and dislocation that is often felt within...

Strange but Super Realistic Paintings by Jeremy Geddes

Awesome Oil Paintings The oil paintings by Australian artist Jeremy Geddes often show floating or colliding people in empty landscapes, rooms or urban sceneries.

The Art of Jeremy Geddes

"Cluster" a new painting by Jeremy Geddes.

The Art of Erin Cone

Painting with oil colors Artwork by Erin Cone, an artist from Texas.

Painting: Contessa with Squid by Omar Rayyan

Painting with oil on panel Artwork by Omar Rayyan.