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Hpaper – Newsletter for HPL Hotels & Resorts

Hpaper, a quarterly newsletter for HPL Hotels & Resorts created by Bureau for The Advancement of Lifestyle and Longevity and Success. Bureau for The Advancement of...

Herausgefordert. History of the Basler Zeitung

Book Design. 'Herausgefordert' is a book about the turbulent history of the Basler Zeitung (Basel's biggest newspaper). Swiss graphic designer Andreas Hidber / accent graphe was...

Corporate Design and Editorial Design for Volltext Magazine

Well Layouting. Corporate design and editorial design by Jann de Vries and Stefan Zimmermann for German literature magazine 'Volltext'. Done as a semester project at...

Editorial Design by Gary Nicholson

Stunning Print Design. Redesign by Gary Nicholson for the existing newspaper of the University of Cumbria B.A.