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3Five Media Corporate Identity by Wiktor Malinowski

3Five Media Branding. Warsaw, Poland-based graphic designer and art director Wiktor Malinowski was asked to create the corporate identity for 3Five Media, a video production...

Solidarity Collective Collaboration – Campaign Identity by Alonglongtime

Straight and Minimalist Graphic Design. Graphic design studio Alonglongtime created the campaign identity for Solidarity Collective Collaboration. The work includes the creation of a logo,...

Minimal Type Design by Philippe Cossette

Typography Inspiration. A round and minimalistic logo and type design by Philippe Cossette for Les enfants de la Bolduc (en: Children of Bolduc). Website design by Akufen.

Minimal ISO50 / Tycho Gig Poster Design

Minimal Poster Design. Graphic artwork by the master himself ISO50/Tycho for a past live show in San Francisco. I really love the simplicity of the...
graphic art prints by les graphiquants

Stunning Graphic Art Prints by Les Graphiquants

Graphic Art Prints by Les Graphiquants. Today I came across these amazing prints by Les Graphiquants and I'm totally in love with this poster designs....

In (minimalism) – Typographic Poster Design by Tom Davie

In (minimalism) - Typographic Poster Design Typographic poster, inspired by wireform architectural structures. Designed by Tom Davie.