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Ilhwa Kim at La Galleria in Pall Mall, London.

Ilhwa Kim at The House of Fine Art, London

UK premiere: Ilhwa Kim will showcase a selection of artworks from the infinitely immersive collection "Seeds of the Universe" at The House of Fine...
Work from the Melancholy series by South Korean artist Sungsoo Kim.

Artist Sungsoo Kim – Melancholy Portraits

A beautiful series of melancholy portraits created by South Korean artist Sungsoo Kim. Sungsoo Kim was born in 1969 in Busan, South Korea. Today the...
Surreal artwork.

Melancholic Drawings by Daehyun Kim

Surreal melancholic drawings by Korean artist, Daehyun Kim. Back in 2012, I already featured some of Daehyun Kim's surreal black and white illustrations on WE...
Painting by Horyon Lee

Seductive Paintings by Horyon Lee

Provoking motion blurred double vision paintings. This is a small collection of oil paintings by artist Horyon Lee. The artist portrays girls in a kind...