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Jewelry with Real Flowers by Ruby Robin

Handmade Jewelry by Ruby Robin that contains real flowers. Khrystyna is the founder of Ruby Robin Boutique and the creative designer of these unique handmade...

Handwritten Lettering by Chris Yoon

The Lost Art of Hand Lettering Hand crafted chalkboard lettering by Chris Yoon, an Atlanta-based graphic designer specializing in illustration and typography. I am pleased to see...

Fan the Flame – Paper Sculptures for Amnesty International by People...

Fan the Flame - Paper Sculptures. Lena Erlikh and Aleksey Lyapunov of People Too were hired by agency Ogilvy & Mather London to create a...

Hand Crafted Poster Illustrations by Nathan Yoder

Excellent Hand Crafted Prints. A couple of poster illustrations by Nathan Yoder from Oklahoma. Nathan Yoder combines his love for drawing, typography, and design to...

Veneer Font – Vintage Letterpress Type by Yellow Design Studio

Veneer Font. The Veneer font is a high resolution hand-crafted vintage letterpress typeface designed by Ryan Martinson (Publisher: Yellow Design Studio). With its authentic grunge style the...

Handmade Porcelain Sculptures by Kate MacDowell

Bizarre Porcelain Sculptures. Bizarre hand-crafted sculptures Kate MacDowell. Driven by our contemporary impact on the environment, Kate MacDowell creates amazing porcelain sculptures.

Maboo Shades – Handcrafted Bamboo Sunglasses

Maboo Shades Handcrafted bamboo sunglasses by Verde Styles from the USA. source: lookslikegooddesign.com

Barcelona 3D Papercraft City Map by Anna Härlin

Creative 3D Papercraft For the 3rd issue of the Cut Magazine, Anna Härlin designed this beautiful 3D papercraft city map of Barcelona. source: designmadeingermany.de

Creative Hand Crafted Artworks by Kyle Bean

Creative Inspiration. Hand crafted artworks by Kyle Bean, a Brighton based designer specialising in hand crafted models, set design and art direction. via: dailyinspiration.nl / kylebean.co.uk