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Book Illustrations by Justin Hopkins for “Rough City” (Street Fighting Years Vol.1)

Street Fighting Years Vol.1 – Book Illustrations

“Rough City” (Street Fighting Years Vol.1) - Illustrations. Artist and illustrator Justin Hopkins was asked to create a series of illustrations for the book "Rough...
Graphite Drawing by Carl Krull

Pencil on Paper Drawings by Carl Krull

Scroll Drawings. Pencil on paper drawings by Copenhagen, Denmark based artist Carl Krull. The selected drawings are taken from a series of artworks created during...
Rebuilding the Quarries, graphite on paper drawing by Michael Schall

Graphite on Paper Drawings by Michael Schall

Graphite Drawings. Selected graphite drawings on paper by Michael Schall, a New York-based artist and illustrator. Michael Schall skillfully uses the black and white contrast...