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Lucid Dream Series by Johnson Tsang.

Johnson Tsang – Lucid Dream Series

Eyes on Chinese sculptor Johnson Tsang and his amazing Lucid Dream Series. Johnson Tsang is an exceptional artist who skillfully combines figurative sculptural techniques with surreal...
Two Figures In Transformation - Drawing created by Chinese-born artist Céli Lee in 2014.

Céli Lee, a London-based Chinese Artist

Selected drawings by Chinese-born artist Céli Lee. Today I want to introduce you to some beautiful drawings created by Céli Lee, a Chinese-born artist who...
Painting by Tangshi

Paintings by Chinese Artist Tangshi

The Visual Art of Tangshi. Artist Tangshi was born in 1984 in Changsha, the capital city of the Chinese province Hunan. In 2002, he started...
Grinning Self Portraits - The Art of Yue Minjun

Grinning Self Portraits – The Art of Yue Minjun

Crazy Grinning Faces. Yue Minjun is a Chinese artist based in Beijing, China. The contemporary artist is well known for his oil paintings of his...
Painting by Zhang Linhai

Fascinating Paintings by Zhang Linhai

Contemporary Art. Zhang Linhai (張林海) is a contemporary artist from China. He was born in Shanghai in 1963 and graduated in 1990 from the Tianjin...