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Blank Slate photo series by photographer and artist Brooke DiDonato.

Blank Slate Photo Project by Photographer & Artist Brooke DiDonato.

Blank Slate, an artistic photography project by Brooke DiDonato that plays with reduction, patterns, or unexpected ensembles to challenge our perception.

Brooke DiDonato Photography

Here comes our third feature of Brooke DiDonato's conceptual photographs. Some time has passed since our last feature of Brooke DiDonato outstanding photographic work. So...

Brooke DiDonato – Photo Art

Conceptual fine art photography by Brooke DiDonato. Long time ago I have introduced you to the photographic work of Brooke DiDonato. The talented photographer was...

Photography by Brooke DiDonato

Experimental Photography. Brooke DiDonato is a photographer based in Brooklyn, NY, originally from Ohio. She moved to New York City about a year ago to...