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A review of the Uber Cool T-Shirt Designs Bundle.

Custom T-shirts are a favorable modern day option clothing for most young people. Hence, several designers have come up with a bunch of great inspiring T-Shirt designs. They have a vast variety of fashionable designs ranging from cartoons, fun, spooky, surreal and many others. They are available for all classes of occasions such as bachelorette parties, funky gatherings, casual wears, family reunions, corporate designs, and more. These vast designs are bound to stand out if worn for the appropriate occasion anytime, and anywhere too!

All these designs are printable on other clothes and not only T-shirts. They are also fully scalable. However, the colors that can be used on garments are limited to only a few. This is an advantage as it makes printing of the designs on hoodies, T-shirts or other garments quite easy. Worth noting is that all these resources have extended royalty licenses. This permits you to also use the available designs for commercial purposes too. Read more below or click on the following link to get further information.

The bundle is available for only a very limited time at Pixelo.

T-Shirt Designs Bundle
T-Shirt Designs Bundle

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The over 470 designs of t-shirts are broken down as follows:

Surrealistic Designs

These designs are completely unique and comparable to no other. They are available in TIF and PSD file formats and are particularly made for digital printing. There are 10 different super premium digital print designs in this bundle.

Magnificent Designs

This design bundle incorporates items like sugar skulls, dinosaurs, funny messages, Vikings, and many more features. It is a T-shirt design that is best preferred for printing tees. It is easy and possible to change the colors, sizes of these designs, and get rid of unwanted elements without any struggle. This is all possible because the designs are 100% vectors in this bundle which has 30 designs.

Enterprising Designs

This bundle has over 120 top quality T-shirt designs to choose from. They are also very expensive valued at over $1400. These quality designs were all created by highly skilled designers for the last two years. They are highly recommended for use because of their trendy and amazing designs. They are also custom made making them fit for people across all age groups.

Sparky Cartoon Designs

This is one design that is always in demand throughout the year. They have a brand new collection of over 50 amazing designs to choose from. These vector designs are available in favorable and affordable prizes. Colors for these designs are preserved at the possible minimum which makes printing easy on different garments and at a fair cost too. Such and many more are what you expect to get from the sparky cartoon bundle.

Fashionable Quotes Designs

These designs are 100% editable. They have a limited number of colors and are completely scalable. These designs have extended licenses meaning that you can print and sell them without incurring extra fees. Enjoy and feel comfortable wearing a T-shirt that has your favorite quote by choosing from the 50 print designs available. You definitely will be proud of wearing one with a caption. Wouldn’t you?

Artistic Designs

This is a startling collection of brand new designs. These designs consist of interesting messages, snarky, heartfelt ones and more. Their colors are maintained at a possible minimum. This is to make them easily printable on hoodies, t-shirts and other wearable items without spending large sums of money. The t-shirts are also 100% vectors making them editable and scalable to your preferred shape and size while retaining their quality. There are 100 such designs to choose from in this bundle.

Cute Cartoon Vectors Designs Bundles

These professionally done designs are available at the most competitive prices. Additionally, they have extended licenses like other designs previously mentioned. These licenses enable printing and immediate sale of the T-shirts without using extra money. The designs are also vectors—meaning they are easily scalable and editable while retaining their quality. They can be used in print or web projects. Cute cartoon vector designs are available as funny monsters, urban models, messages, mascots and much more. You can choose your favorite T-Shirt from over 30 available designs. For sports enthusiasts, I’m pretty sure this would be a perfect fit for you, wouldn’t it?

Humorous Designs Bundle

As the name suggests, these T-shirt designs are just full of funny quotes. This is derived from the funny, heartfelt, sneaky messages printed on these t-shirts. Similar to previous designs, these designs have a limited number of colors. This makes the printing process simple, whether it is on hoodies or any other garment. It also reduces the cost to a considerable amount. These t-shirts can also be easily scaled or edited while retaining their original quality as they are 100% vectors. From the collection of 100 T-shirt designs, you wouldn’t want to miss wearing such a captivating t-shirt.


There are wonderful products that one can choose from in the T-shirt designs listed above. What’s more? A single design has at least 20 distinct collections to choose from. This makes it easy and everything feels incorporated due to the wide variety. The licenses and the limited number of colors significantly reduce the production cost, which ultimately leads to a reduction in the selling cost.

Only for a very limited time, you can get all the designs in one big bundle here.


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