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Here comes a big summer font sale with 31 fonts consisting of 122 typefaces plus lots of extras from Vintage Voyage Design Co.

For the first time ever, the team of Vintage Voyage Design Co. is offering a huge bundle including all of their fonts for only $19. This limited time offer expires on September 1, 2017. So what’s included? This huge summer sale comes with 31 fonts consisting of numerous styles and alternates and typographic features, which results in a total of 122 typefaces plus lots of extras. The diverse fonts are well suited for the use in different applications such as greeting cards, branding materials, business cards, quotes, posters, t-shirts, mugs, just to name a few. These are the names of the included fonts: Cavalcade, Old Standard, Les Paul, Ace of Spades, Season Times, Roadstar, Chameleon, One Nine Nine Four, The Aviator Collection, Fenway, West End, The First Division, Ocean Beach, Montana, The Sugar Cane, Pasternak, Compare, Unchained, Octanis, The Selvedger, Driver, Winter Holidays, Stout, U.S. Navy, Canyons, Heart of Gold, Forest Tramp, La Fa Salt, Rise, Jack’s Guitar, and Bough. When purchasing this amazing bundle you can save 99%! For additional information, just follow the link below.

The set is available for only a limited time here.

31 fonts with 122 typefaces from Vintage Voyage Design Co.
31 fonts with 122 typefaces from Vintage Voyage Design Co. The special font sale is available only for a very limited time!

You can get this collection on Creative Market.

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