Check out these super-stylish, fun, and absolutely trending feminine illustrations.

With a remarkable career spanning over ten years, Sarisa Kojima – a transgender artist of Thai-Japanese descent – has been continuously perfecting her artistry in Art History and Japanese Woodcut Printmaking. Her pieces are heavily influenced by Asian culture, traditional myths, folklore, and philosophy which she incorporates into classic eastern art styles with elements of woodblock printing for added depth. It is clear that Sarisa’s passion for Asia resonates deeply within her work; one look will leave you captivated!

Below you can see four unique pieces from Sarisa’s Shunga Y2K illustration series. Take a look at Sarisa Kojima’s website or follow this talented artist on Behnance and Instagram.

Shunga Y2K illustrations by Sarisa Kojima
Shunga Y2K illustrations by Sarisa Kojima

All images © by Sarisa Kojima. Look at the Illustration category on WE AND THE COLOR to find other inspiring work.

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