Sébastien Plassard – Dreamlike Illustrations

Let yourself be carried away into a world of mind-blowing dreamscapes created by Sébastien Plassard.

Sébastien Plassard is an outstanding illustrator whose style is characterized by a reduced use of contrasting and complementary colors as well as dreamlike scenarios, which quickly draw the viewer into a surreal world. He skillfully combines influences from the golden age of the 1920s with contemporary graphic trends. His distinctive work could be seen in a wide range of publications such as magazines, books, posters, etc. Get more information below.

Editorial work for Les Echos Week-end.
Editorial work made for Les Echos Week-end.

Each new artwork starts with a rough drawing on paper, while all fine works including coloring and texturing are made with the computer. With a sense of balance between shapes and colors, Sébastien Plassard’s illustrative work conveys depth and a distinctive tension. Illustrated with this touch of graphic perfection, his scenes transform everyday events into surreal dreamscapes filled with lots of contradictions. This fascinating blend between movement and stillness results in an almost poetic atmosphere. Check out more of his work below or follow this talented illustrator on Instagram and Tumblr.

Artwork by Sébastien Plassard.
Artwork by Sébastien Plassard.
Illustration for The New Yorker.
An illustration created for The New Yorker.
Panic at the stairs.
Panic at the stairs.
Picture made for a festival.
This picture was made for a festival.
Summer mood.
An artwork inspired by the summer mood.
Surreal illustration.
Surreal illustration.

All images © by Sébastien Plassard. Do not hesitate and discover more outstanding work created by some of the world’s leading illustrators on WE AND THE COLOR. Our Illustration section includes a great variety of work ranging from handmade drawings to modern computer graphics.


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