Unveiling ‘RawMaterials’ at Hosek Contemporary: A Fusion of Myth and Modernity

In the heart of Berlin’s vibrant art scene, Hosek Contemporary Gallery is set to host a groundbreaking exhibition titled ‘RawMaterials’ on the 2nd of October 2023 at 7 p.m. This extraordinary event is a result of a collaboration between Berlin-based artists Thilo Garus, Justyna Chaberek, Marina Orellano, and Kuthijin, intertwining their artistic prowess with sculptural pieces crafted by Czech contemporary artists Klara Jakes. The curatorial insights are brought to life by Lumir Nykl, offering visitors a unique experience that melds ancient legends with a feral and contemporary artistic flair. Feel free to read more below. Full credits can be found at the end of the article.

'RawMaterials' at Hosek Contemporary
‘RawMaterials’ at Hosek Contemporary

The exhibition ‘RawMaterials’ delves into the mystique of the old eastern legend of Golem, breathing new life into this age-old tale through moving images and sculpture. The original narrative follows a Kabbalistic mystic’s creation of a humanoid being from a shapeless form to protect his community from dark forces. This evening’s showcase reimagines the tale, exploring the delicate balance between human sensitivity and an unhinged, man-made monstrous creation yearning for autonomy and acceptance.

As the visitors step into the Hosek Contemporary Gallery, they’ll find themselves immersed in a tangle of human-like limbs, a corporeal embodiment pulsating with either life or artificial composition. ‘RawMaterials’ transcends the boundaries of traditional art forms, intertwining sentient entities in a choreography of defiance, a quest for belonging, or a struggle against forced submission to the common interest. The exhibition delves into the age-old narrative of these beings ultimately turning against their creators.

One of the notable artists contributing to ‘RawMaterials’ is Justyna Chaberek, a multidisciplinary artist and singer residing and working in Berlin. Her work encompasses poetry, abstract electronic music, and theater, showcasing her ability to collaborate and weave various art forms into a seamless narrative. Klara Jakes, based in Paris with Czech/German origins, brings her unique approach to sculpture, focusing on subcultural visual codes and conceptual methods.

The visionary curatorial insights of Lumír Nykl, a Czech curator living in Prague, tie the entire exhibition together, offering visitors a curated journey through the reimagined legend of Golem. Nykl’s guidance adds depth and meaning to the interwoven narratives of the artists, bringing forth a cohesive exploration of the delicate threads connecting humanity and creation.

In ‘RawMaterials’, Hosek Contemporary Gallery invites art enthusiasts and connoisseurs to witness a captivating fusion of ancient mythology and contemporary artistry. It promises to be an evening where imagination runs wild, creativity knows no bounds, and the legend of Golem comes alive in an utterly transformative and thought-provoking manner. Save the date for this enthralling encounter with ‘RawMaterials’ on the 2nd of October 2023 at 7 p.m., and experience art in its most raw and evocative form at Hosek Contemporary Gallery.

Duration: 8 Minutes.
Direction: Justyna Chaberek & Thilo Garus 
Videography: Thilo Garus 
Visual Architecture & Costumes:Marina Orellano
Composition of the Original Music: Kuthijin
Vocals: Justyna Chaberek
Performers: Marina Orellano, Justyna Chaberek, Anna Benhakova
Choreographic Consultations: Anna Benhakova
Costumographic Implementations: Atelier Planeta
Sound Ingenieur on Vocals: Jan Duben 
Technical Assistance: Pavel and Jarda
Produced in the Studios of:  POKROK Studio & Petrohradska Kolektiv in Prague
Thanks to the grants from VARP for Performing Artists and the Czech-German Fund for the Future