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A Font Born from Love: The Delights of Nougat Script by Sudtipos

Nougat Script isn’t just a typeface; it’s a celebration of family. Designed by Aldus De Losa of Sudtipos, the font’s origins lie in a deeply personal moment – the birth of his daughter, Siena. These initial characters blossomed into a project that garnered recognition at Tipos Latinos, a respected platform for Latin American typography.

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But Nougat Script’s story doesn’t end there. After a pause, the font experienced a delightful revival. It expanded not just in character count, but also in complexity. Through the magic of OpenType features, a single font file now offers four distinct writing styles:

Nougat Script Font by Sudtipos
Nougat Script Font by Sudtipos
  • Script (Base or Normal): The foundation for your typographic journey.
  • Glyphic Alternatives with Swashes: Two options for adding a touch of flourish and personality.
  • Small Caps: A sophisticated touch for headlines or emphasis.

Nougat Script masterfully balances casual charm with typographic precision. Imagine lettering that feels both relaxed and elegant – perfect for crafting beautiful and sophisticated text compositions. The font’s versatility makes it a favorite for designers seeking a touch of whimsy and warmth in their projects.

So, if you’re looking for a font that reflects the joy of new beginnings and the timeless beauty of well-crafted typography, look no further than Nougat Script. It’s a font that will add a touch of sweetness – and perhaps a dash of Siena’s magic – to your next design project.

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