Rational Font Family by René Bieder

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The Rational font family, a contemporary representative of Grotesk typefaces by German designer René Bieder.

Rational is a new high-quality typeface that has been created by one of my favorite type designers, René Bieder. Just recently published in March 2016, the Rational font family is a modern take on typical Grotesk typefaces from the early 20th century. Equipped with over 800 glyphs per font, the family comes with 10 weights ranging from a delicate Hairline to a sturdy Black font. In addition, each weight has its corresponding true Italic version.

Rational’s highly functional and legible design is a great choice for both display and text usage. Equipped with numerous OpenType features as well as alternative glyphs and a set of special characters, the family has been designed for highest professional needs such as magazines, books, corporate publications, etc. For more details, just check out the images or follow the link below.

You can get this family as both webfont and desktop version on MyFonts.

Rational, a type family consisting of 20 fonts designed by René Bieder.
Rational, a type family consisting of 20 fonts designed in 2016 by René Bieder.
Design Details
Design Details. Based on traditional grotesques, the Rational font family takes this time-honored recipe and enriches it with contemporary elements in order to make the family more legible in small text sizes and give it a modern tone.
Basic Glyphs
Basic Glyphs. This is an overview of Rational’s basic glyphs including upper and lowercase letters as well as numbers.
Numerals. All numerals aim for a relatively even width, just like the basic letters. Additionally, oldstyle figures were added to all weights in order to achieve a balanced overall appearance when setting Rational in long text passages. Both sets are available as fixed width tabular versions.
Alternative Glyphs
Alternative Glyphs. A wide range of alternative glyphs enables creating different versions of Rational including a double storey lowercase ‘g’, single storey lowercase ‘a’, alternative versions of ‘3’ and ‘4’, and many more.
OpenType Features
OpenType Features. OpenType features are a great addition when it comes to solving complex design tasks. From small caps and case sensitive shapes to ligatures and tabular figures, Rational is prepared for many scenarios.
Special Characters
Special Characters. The type family features an additional set of circled and outlined figures, various arrow sets and basic geometric shapes.
Overview. With more than 800 characters per font, the family is optimized for usage in various tasks and languages.
Weights. A wide set of weights ranging from Hairline to black makes the family a great choice in small and large font sizes.
Text Samples
Text Samples. In combination with text decorations like small caps and italics, Rational’s mid weights are designed for long text segments in magazines, books, and corporate publications.

Be quick, the family is currently available as an introductory offer on MyFonts.

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