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Take a look at Promenade, a carefully designed calligraphic serif font.

Introducing Promenade, a pristine calligraphic serif that was crafted with love and care, starting on paper with an ordinary flat nib pen. This font radiates beauty; crisp and delicate, yet bold enough to be the center of attention. Jen Wagner couldn’t get over its graceful flow as she created it, particularly in italics form – Promenade exudes class whilst confidently embracing those beloved Doc Martens!

When it comes to Promenade, its letter spacing is designed for clear legibility and balanced aesthetics. As such, Jen suggests that if you’re aiming for the look of many logos out there, setting a tighter letter spacing at -20 to -40 would be ideal.

Jen Wagner Co.’s Promenade font is a stylish serif font that can be used to create stunning logos, posters, banners, titles, and headlines. It features classic letterforms with sharp edges that add an elegant touch of class to any design.

Promenade Font by Jen Wagner Co.
Promenade Font by Jen Wagner Co.

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