Posters by Alex Lorenzo

Selected posters by graphic designer Alex Lorenzo.

Alex Lorenzo is a Spanish graphic designer who currently lives and works in London, UK. Through a wealth of professional projects for numerous clients or agencies, he has gained great experience in the design industry. He is passionate about all things related to photography, art, design, and filmmaking.

Besides his work for commissioned design projects, Alex Lorenzo loves to create graphic artworks and digitally produced collages. Below you can see a small selection of posters created by Alex Lorenzo. These prints show different collages. The first one is a pretty graphic version, while the others are more inspired by old vintage designs. Alex Lorenzo used different parts of images to assemble them into a completely new artwork. I recommend you to visit his portfolio on Behance to discover more of his creative work.

Graphic artwork by Alex Lorenzo.
Graphic artwork by Alex Lorenzo, a Spanish graphic designer who currently lives and works in London.
Surreal poster artwork by Alex Lorenzo.
A surreal, vintage inspired poster artwork. It was created using different parts of images.
The Show - poster collage.
The Show – retro poster collage.
The Show - poster design.
The Show – poster design in a stylish vintage inspired look.