Check out this mind-warping one-minute manifesto animation created by PlusOne to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

The creative people at PlusOne just shared with us their latest work: a mind-warping one-minute manifesto animation created to celebrate the studio’s 10th anniversary with a cast including two-legged marching elephants, a dozing crash test dummy, a frog with bird’s legs and a tongue longer than a witch’s toenails. The video is a mesmerizing wash of quirky vignettes that blend seamlessly into one witty and trippy whole. Read more below or have a look at the PlusOne website to see more of their amazing work.

PlusOne is an independent creative studio focusing on graphic design and animation. Over the course of a decade, the Amerstadam-based studio developed its own distinctive character and creative vision. Nowadays, PlusOne celebrates its tenth anniversary with a mind-warping one-minute manifesto animation—a mesmerizing wash of quirky vignettes that blend seamlessly into one witty and trippy whole.

PlusOne celebrates 10th anniversary with inspiring manifesto animation.
PlusOne celebrates 10th anniversary with inspiring manifesto animation.

PlusOne comments: “From the outset, we’ve tried to create work that’s inspiring, exceptional, and true to our values. Visuals never have seen before that speak to the viewer aesthetically, emotionally, and intellectually. As with every project, for the Manifesto we did lots of research, drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources. Like Rembrandt’s ‘The Syndics of the Draper’s Guild’, in which the figures are looking up from their work, as though disturbed by the viewer’s arrival. We use this artistic device at the start of the film to immediately engage the viewer: a sleeping crash test dummy appears to be woken and stares directly at the viewer. The dummy has no facial features, yet the insinuative power of animation tells you they’re looking at you in surprise.

The internet is also a font of inspiration for us. For one scene, for example, we endlessly watched and analyzed in granular detail super-slow-motion footage of popping popcorn. In fact, pretty well every scene has its little backstory. Some people will spot that the marching two-legged elephants are a tribute to the legendary elephant parade scene in Disney’s classic, Dumbo, which made a lasting impression on some of us.

It was a really enjoyable collaborative process. The script was written collectively, with everyone pitching ideas for scenes and only the strongest ones surviving through to the final cut.

Once we had a first draft of the animation, we asked our friends at Six Feet High to join in on the sound department. As always, the guys took it to the next level, which in turn was inspiring for the designers and animators. We’re confident that the final piece, including the tailor-made sound, resonates with the handmade, unpolished, human feel that we’re after.”

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