Inspired by the 109th Tour de France that starts today, Thomas Yang of 100copies just created his bicycle art number 51 named ‘Peloton’.

Right in time for the start of the 109th Tour de France, Thomas Yang of 100copies just shared with us his 51st bicycle print edition titled: Peloton. A peloton is a group of cyclists riding together in a race. The number of cyclists can go up to hundreds of riders. Like a large living organism, the peloton evolves as it moves. Its formation changes according to race strategy and physical conditions – the track, the terrain, the wind, especially the wind – with the aim of moving the pack forward as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Printed on 220gsm Maple Bright paper, this artwork is created using three overlapping high-intensity fluorescent Pantone colors. The offset lithographic print is available in the size of 840mm X 520mm exclusively at

100copies New Bicycle Art #51 - Peloton
100copies New Bicycle Art #51 - Peloton
100copies New Bicycle Art #51 - Peloton

All images © by Thomas Yang of 100copies. Do not hesitate to see other inspiring illustration projects on WE AND THE COLOR.

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