Vintage inspired paintings and collages by American artist Kirkland Bray.

For more than 20 years, Kirkland Bray uses found surfaces for his paintings. In 2012, he extended his repertoire by creating collages using found papers and images. “Everything I create has a found element, whether it’s a rejected scrap of partially dyed canvas, a page of a book that was oxidized by a note placed inside decades before, or the horsehair bristles from an architect’s brush.” – Kirkland Bray

His creative work combines ideas, found materials, and shapes like a puzzle. Kirkland Bray says he makes art to see how far from his comfort zone he can go. He wants to explore new directions in both process and subject. Today he lives and works in Jersey City, NJ. Check out the selection of artworks below. For more, please visit Kirkland Bray’s website.

Kirkland Bray, HIGH DIVE
HIGH DIVE. This piece is available as fine art print on the artist’s website.
Kirkland Bray, ALL LEGS (2015)
ALL LEGS (2015) – found paper collage.
Kirkland Bray, BEACH FRONT GATHERING (2015)
BEACH FRONT GATHERING (2015) – oil on found canvas.
Kirkland Bray, SPOOLS (2015)
SPOOLS (2015) – found paper collage.
Kirkland Bray, STUCK (2015)
STUCK (2015) – found paper collage.
MOUNTAIN HOME FUMIGATION (2016) – oil on found canvas board.

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