Online Trends Illustrations by Sam Chivers

Editorial illustrations produced by Sam Chivers for five articles in Wired Magazine UK on predicted online trends.

At the end of last year, the British illustrator Sam Chivers was asked to create a series of editorial illustrations for Wired Magazine UK. They were intended to accompany five articles written by different industry experts on emerging and prevalent trends in the world of online business in 2016. Below you can find the beautiful result of Sam Chivers’ creative work for Wired Magazine UK. More detailed explanations can be found in the captions.

If you are interested to see more of Sam Chivers’ creative work, please have a look here. His portfolio is packed with a great mix of colorful illustrations.

Education networks in the near future.
This illustration is accompanying an article about how education networks will become a much bigger thing in our near future. The idea behind this illustration was to combine the 2 aspects of growth and networks.
Our relationships with online companies.
This illustration reflects our relationship with online businesses and how these companies can create a more trustful bond with their clients and users.
Collaborations between companies in a competitive environment.
This image is about how different companies can collaborate in a seemingly competitive environment. To visualize this topic, Sam Chivers decided to illustrate the following case study: a customer wants to buy a specific camera but the desired online shop is out of stock of that model but recommends another shop where the customer can source a similar model.
Shopping trends in 2016.
The left image illustrates how physical shops from the “real world” can send tailored offers and promotions directly to the smartphones of their customers. The image on the right side visualizes the rise of big shopping networks.
Rough drawings by Sam Chivers for articles in Wired Magazine UK.
These are some rough drawings by Sam Chivers created for the five articles in Wired Magazine UK.

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