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Learn how to create beautiful concrete furniture by yourself with this online course.

If you ever wanted to learn artisanal techniques to create eye-catching concrete furniture and design pieces by yourself, this online course by studio En Concreto might be perfect for you. Concrete once was a symbol of contemporary and brutalist architecture but it has become more and more popular in the world of interior design, furniture, and decoration. introducing versatility and originality into each space. With the help of Carolina and Eduardo, you will learn how to make your own versatile design pieces, starting from the fabrication of concrete to the very last finishings. In 17 lessons, students can explore different basic techniques and how concrete is used when making different objects and furniture pieces. If you want to take this online course, you don’t need previous knowledge or experience. All individual crafting processes are well explained and easy to learn. For further information, just click on the following link.

Online course on how to create beautiful concrete furniture.
This is an online course on how to create beautiful concrete furniture.

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