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Take this online course and learn how to create interactive and fully animated infographics for your data visualization and information design projects.

This is an online course by renowned information designer Federica Fragapane. Divided into 17 lessons, you will learn to bring clarity to complexity by creating an engaging data visualization piece that communicates information with ease. In this course, students will uncover several possibilities of data visualization and discover how to efficiently relay information with style in the best understandable way. This online course will teach us how to find reliable sources, select the right information, and create infographics that are both visually striking and informative.

Information designer Federica Fragapane is well known for her ability to transform tables and numbers into interactive data visualizations. The course will guide you through the first steps of selecting sources and data up to creating a dataset using Google Sheets and how to create a visual representation. Students get a full walkthrough of graphic design software such as RAWGraphs and Adobe Illustrator. They learn how to create key design elements like legends and visual guides. Just click on the following link to learn more.

Data Visualization and Information Design Online Course
Data Visualization and Information Design Online Course

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