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After months of anticipation, Fontwerk, a type foundry based in Berlin, German, has finally unveiled its latest font family: Neue DIN.

Working together, Hendrik Weber of prominent agency KMS Team, Freelance Type Director Andreas Frohloff, and Fontwerk’s Olli Meier joined forces to re-imagine the classic typeface.

Paying homage to the original Normschrift design of a century ago, Neue DIN has been reimagined and remodeled with remarkable finesse. It is compact yet powerful in its broad widths, boasting an impressive elegance that surpasses all expectations. This modern German engineering marvel possesses a variable-first approach perfect for our digital age. Furthermore, Fontwerk’s flexible exposé puts fresh breath into this classic typeface – just as it did 100 years ago when proudly made in Berlin!

Ivo Gabrowitsch, the founder of Fontwerk, joyfully announces the new release of Neue DIN with its remarkable flexibility and impressive details. By innovatively blending modern technology and design concepts together, this typeface has achieved a contemporary level that is capable of meeting today’s needs. We are ecstatic to launch it!

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Neue DIN font family by Fontwerk
Neue DIN font family by Fontwerk

Fontwerk enables brands and designers to stand out from the competition with stylish fonts that are precise in craftsmanship and effortless to license. From modern typefaces to innovative font engineering services for enterprises of all sizes, Fontwerks strives to make sure you have access to everything necessary for beautiful design projects.

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