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Pool party.

Discover the colorful illustrations by Monge Quentin.

Monge Quentin is a French illustrator and designer who currently lives and works in Paris. His mixed media based artworks include diverse cut-out shapes and drawings of figurative characters in bright colors. His fluid illustrations are influenced by artists such as Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, and André Derain. Using mainly a dimensional color concept and tense lines, especially the work of Matisse seems to be a great source of inspiration for him. Monge Quentin skillfully transmits this style in the present day. His work is characterized by striking colors as well as a playful image structure and the lightness of his pictorial themes. Read more below the first image.

Summer vibes are still on.
Summer vibes are still on.

Similar to Matisse, the French illustrator creates artworks based on reduction and unmodulated colors. This results in a fascination mix of minimalism and vitality. Besides his personal artworks, he also works for a wide range of international clients. A few more examples of Monge Quentin’s stunning illustrations can be found below. For more, please visit his Tumblr or follow this talented illustrator on Instagram.

Celebrating an endless summer.
Colorful illustration by Monge Quentin.
Monge Quentin illustrations.
That looks like the perfect pool party, apart from the sharks.
Reading. What a great mix of colors, organic shapes, and tense lines!
Who likes toast in the morning.

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