CONCRETE 11 came into existence to fulfill the desire of living in close proximity to the center of Lisbon, while maintaining the essence of sharing with nature provided by a countryside dwelling.

Designed by architecture office CAGE ATELIER, the project’s inception allowed for seamless interaction between the house and its surroundings, creating a harmonious blend. Urban and landscape integration is assured through the use of facade materials that lend a subtle and concealed appearance to the structure, blending it naturally with the terrain. Given the steep slope of the land, the house was designed to function in two layers that overlap: one embedded in the terrain, serving as a sturdy base, and the other floating above, represented by a white element where the social areas of the house are located.

The choice of materials was crucial in transforming the volume into more than just a house; it became a sculptural masterpiece. Emphasis was placed on utilizing materials of national origin, including wood, natural stones, and carefully selected equipment.

The interior spaces were thoughtfully designed to create a welcoming and tranquil ambiance, imbuing the house with a distinctive, contemporary, and serene character.

The final outcome has been highly successful. The homeowners perceive the house as their own, enjoying the various dimensions of customization it offers, while the urban aspect was developed with careful consideration for preserving the surrounding environment’s integrity.

The following images have been shot by photographer Ivo Tavares.

CAGE ATELIER designed a minimal concrete building that opens up timidly
CAGE ATELIER designed a minimal concrete building that opens up timidly.

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