Freelance illustration and design by Matt Carlson.

Based in Omaha, NE, Matt Carlson is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer who’s working with clients from around the globe. His colorful work draws inspiration from everyday scenes, traveling, nature, work, leisure, social and cultural life. In addition to a variety of commissioned projects, Matt loves to work on personal illustrations to constantly improve his creative abilities. A small selection of both personal and commissioned artworks can be found below. For more, please have a look at his portfolio on Dribbble or follow him on Instagram: @plaidmtn

Full-time freelance highway.
Full-time freelance highway. This is the freelancer’s way of life.
Get Lost.
Get Lost. The illustration depicts the passion for traveling, outdoors and camping.
Rocket print.
Rocket print. The image shows a great use of textures and negative space.
Shape study.
Shape study. A study on simple graphic shapes. colors, and textures.
Street Life.
Street Life. Using a beautiful flat style and warm colors, the illustrator has created a lovely urban scene.
Tree grove study.
Tree grove study. Another image that proves Matt Carlson’s passion for nature and traveling.

All images © by Matt Carlson. Feel free to find more inspiring work in our amazing Illustration category. On WE AND THE COLOR you can find a great selection of highly creative illustrations ranging from handmade drawings to modern vector graphics.


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