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Check out Maltese, a handpainted typeface with regular and SVG watercolor styles and italic versions.

Designed and published by The Paper Town, Maltese is a hand-crafted SVG font that boasts an exquisite watercolor texture and a transparent charm inspired by the ocean! This all-caps family comes in two distinct forms – SVG & Solid, with both regular and italic styles. Let’s take your designs to new depths of creativity with this gorgeous typeface.

Maltese has been meticulously painted and edited to preserve the original watercolor texture and details. Every character of this font was individually crafted so that both regular and italic versions have a distinct appearance. With Maltese, your work will be infused with a vibrant realistic watercolor vibe as well as an exquisite handmade aesthetic!

Installing the SVG version of this font is just like any other standard font, and it can be used in a variety of colors on almost any type of background. For added authenticity and texture, we’ve hand-lettered the solid version with an old-fashioned dip pen; then vectorized it to preserve that classic calligraphy feel from ink on paper.

Maltese SVG Watercolor Font by The Paper Town
Maltese SVG Watercolor Font by The Paper Town

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