Version 4.3 of the popular Luminar photo editing software comes with an improved crop interface and a faster Looks experience as well as a new photo search and the possibility to share your images directly through 500px.

Thanks to the friendly people at Skylum, we had the pleasure play around with a beta version of Luminar’s latest update which has been finally released today! It was fun to try all the new features and it’s totally impressive to experience the latest improvements. In addition to various performance improvements and a new photo search function, the workflows can now be used even more intuitively. The ability to share your own photos with the 500px online photo-sharing platform is also part of the new Luminar Update 4.3, which is now available for download.

New photo search tool

photo search

With the new photo search function, which is located in the top menu bar of Luminar, photos can now be found easily and quickly in the library. You can search by name, folder, date, or file format. Luminar 3 users will also benefit from the new update. You will get the search function with the next update of your version.

Integration of the 500px online photo-sharing platform

500px integration

Using this newly integrated feature, photographers are able to share their photographs with other creatives around the world on the 500px photo-sharing platform directly within Luminar’s interface.

Improvements of stability and performance

With Luminar 4.3, RAW files now open much faster than ever before—so photographers can start working on their images more quickly. This also means that the Luminar tools take up less storage space on the computer, which leads to more responsive sliders. The result is a smoother and faster delivery of the desired effects. Especially users of older or less powerful computers will benefit from these performance optimizations. It helps them to improve their administration and editing processes.

Faster preview looks


Those of you that are familiar with the previous version of this popular photo editing software, Looks are an integral part of the Luminar system. By using additional look packages and own looks, large amounts of data are quickly generated, from textures to content-oriented AI tools that adapt to each image. In connection with the amount of data in RAW files, there may be a slight delay with every look. Luminar 4.3 solves this problem by giving users the ability to instantly preview the looks by simply hovering over them. In our own tests, the preview of looks made it easier to search and the decision which look suits best could be made much faster.

Better cropping


Cropping is an essential step in photo editing, and workflow improvements have been made in the new Luminar 4.3 update. The Crop & Rotate cropping tool, an important tool in image editing, is now in the right bar underneath Lens & Geometry. All controls are very to each other, which makes working with them much faster and easier.

New masking brush workflow

Thanks to a transparent red mask, the masking tool is now extremely easy to use. Masked areas are visible in the middle of the process, which makes working more pleasant and faster.

AI Augmented Sky improvements

The functionality of AI Augmented Sky has been improved and expanded so that users can live out their creativity even better. A new object called Space Shuttle 1 is now available. In addition, celestial objects can now be simply turned over and quickly positioned. In addition, the Marketplace section with objects for use with AI Augmented Sky has been added to the Luminar website.

Custom skies and sky objects


Using the AI Sky Replacement and AI Augmented Sky tools, users can now conveniently access a custom folder with locally stored skies or sky objects, and copy and paste multiple skies in the sky folder for easy editing with just a few simple clicks.

Camera support

The list of supported cameras has been expanded. Luminar now supports the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III (uncompressed only), FujiFilm X100V, FujiFilm X-T200, FujiFilm X-T4, Leica SL2, Nikon Coolpix P950, Nikon D780, Nikon Z50, Olympus E-M1 Mark III, Olympus E-PL10, Panasonic DC-S1H, and Sony A9 II.

How to update to Luminar 4.3?

Luminar 4.3 is a free update for current Luminar 4 users. If Luminar is used as a plugin with Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, or Photoshop Elements, it is also recommended to start the plugin’s installation program again.

How to purchase Luminar 4.3?

Luminar 4.3 is available at a retail price of $89. Using our special link, you can get your copy for only $64. That’s a discount of 28%!