Line Queen – get a stunning pack of 1000 icons!

Designed and published by Zlatko Najdenovski of Pixel Bazaar, Line Queen is an amazing set of 1000 high quality icons that make full use of clean lines and vivid colors in order to establish an elegant yet funny style. Each icon was meticulously designed with the intention to be used as a different visual metaphor. Developed especially for the tools of Adobe Illustrator and Sketch, the full collection is fully customizable. The download set includes the following file formats: PNG, SVG, AI, SKETCH, and a TXT file. For those who prefer to work in Illustrator, you can get the latest version from the Adobe Creative Cloud website, just check it out here. For additional information, just click on the following link.

The pack of icons is available for purchase on Creative Market.

Line Queen, a stunning pack of 1000 icons.
Line Queen, a stunning pack of 1000 icons.
Color customization.
Color customization: ability to adjust the color palette. The use of shared styles in Sketch makes this a breeze.
Infinite scalability.
Infinite scalability: all icons are vectors, so there is no size limit. Yes, big enough even for a highway billboard.
Line thickness control.
Line thickness control: the Adobe Illustrator and Sketch files give you full control over the stroke weight.
Rich in details.
Rich in details: each icon contains just enough details to look stunning at small, medium, and big sizes.
Strong visuals.
Strong visuals: each icon tells a different story, with the aim to come up with icons as if they’re custom-designed.
Ultra consistency.
Ultra consistency: all icons share a common visual language, such as curve radius, perspective, mood, colors, shadow direction, etc.

You can get the full collection on Creative Market.

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