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With this online course by Sarah Pike, you can learn how to make functional ceramic pieces with custom textures by taking a course in slab building, carving, and stamping techniques.

Sarah Pike is a skilled potter who creates unique pieces of ceramic art using slab-building techniques and handmade stamping tools. Her work transforms ordinary objects into beautiful and practical keepsakes that are both visually appealing and tactile. Her artwork has been featured in several publications, including Pottery Making Illustrated and Forge & Carve, as well as in solo and group exhibitions.

Learn to create functional pottery pieces and apply custom-stamped patterns in this online course. Sarah will guide you through each step of making a ceramic mug with texture, including slab building, stamp making, glazing, and firing. Elevate ordinary moments with personalized handmade ceramics.

Learn Stamp Making for Textured Pottery with this Online Course by Sarah Pike
Learn Stamp Making for Textured Pottery with this Online Course by Sarah Pike

What topics or skills will be covered in this online course?

At the beginning of the course, Sarah provides an introduction of herself and shares her journey toward becoming a full-time potter. She also discusses her main influences and how they have impacted her artistic style.

To create imprinted textures, use handmade cardstock cutouts and experiment with repeating shapes to make versatile designs. Afterward, carve your own clay stamps with intricate details to customize your pieces.

To make your cup, start by rolling a slab that is the right size. Soften the rim before adding textures. Use various stamps to create unique patterns, and choose the design you like the most for your final mug.

To create a mug, start by shaping a slab into a cylinder and stretching it to add dimension and volume. Then, attach the bottom and handle before making refinements. Once complete, glaze and fire your creation. Sarah also shares various techniques for making different mug forms that you can use in your future pottery endeavors.

What is the project for this course and who is it for?

Create a functional and visually appealing ceramic mug by stamping textures on it. This activity is open to anyone interested in crafting ceramics.

The requirements and materials you will need to take this online class.

Prior knowledge of clay and wedging is necessary. You will need to have clay, glaze, wax, an MDO board, a cement board, a banding wheel, wooden slats, a rolling pin, rubber, serrated ribs, a fettling knife, a brayer, carving tools, and any other required materials specified by Sarah in the course. Additionally, access to a kiln is needed.

The course is in English with subtitles available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Polish, and Dutch.

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