Discover the fundamental principles of logo design while exploring your own unique identity as a designer.

Designing a logo that is both simple and unique can be challenging, but Sagi Haviv has a talent for it. Over the years, this New York-based designer has crafted iconic logos for prestigious clients like the US Open Tennis Championships, Harvard University Press, and Conservation International.

By taking this course, you will be able to dispel any misconceptions you may have about design and enhance your skills and portfolio. As you create a logo and identity for a client, you will also gain insight into your personal identity as a graphic designer.

At the conclusion of this course, you will not only enhance your skills as a designer but also develop a sharper focus. You will possess the necessary tools to create an iconic logo and successfully pitch it to a client.

Learn Logo Design From Concept to Presentation
Learn Logo Design From Concept to Presentation

At the beginning of the course, Sagi shares his personal journey, starting from his childhood on an Israeli farm to becoming the owner of his current company. He recounts the stories behind his significant projects and the design pieces that have inspired him greatly.

Sagi aims to shift your perspective on graphic design by broadening its definition to encompass more than just logo creation.

In this article, Sagi delves into the principles of logo design by examining six different logos. He also addresses common misconceptions and provides insightful analysis of logos submitted by Domestika users. The ultimate goal is to identify the key elements that make a logo effective and memorable.

If you want to create an iconic logo, it’s crucial, to begin with a strong idea. The process starts by selecting a client and gaining a thorough understanding of their needs. From there, you can begin sketching logo concepts by hand.

Once you have chosen the most suitable sketches, your next step will involve utilizing computer software to vectorize your design, integrate typography, and develop logo applications.

In the last segment of this course, you will focus on the presentation aspect. Discover the techniques for creating a compelling argument for your logo to persuade your potential clients. Sagi provides valuable insights to assist you in achieving your ultimate objective of seeing your logo in use.

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