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Learn the art of creating elegant designs in Adobe Illustrator with Mads Berg’s online course. This comprehensive course will teach you how to use dynamic compositions and minimalist color palettes to create stunning artwork.

Art Deco is a form of decorative art that is still being used in various visual arts. This style is recognized by using simplified geometric shapes along with ornate and organic elements, and it still attracts many people today. Illustrator Mads Berg combines Nordic simplicity with the famous decorative art style to create his modern Art Deco illustrations.

Mads Berg teaches you how to create a commercial poster in art deco style from start to finish in this course. You’ll learn about the history and relevance of the art style, which will help you seamlessly incorporate it into your digital illustrations. The end result will be a unique and elegant artwork that is ready to be presented to a client.

Online Course: Art Deco Styles for Digital Illustration
Online Course: Art Deco Styles for Digital Illustration

What will be covered in the online course?

Get to know Mads Berg, an illustrator who shares his artistic journey and the inspirations that drive him. Discover the resurgence of Art Deco and explore the topics Mads covers in his course.

Delve into the history of art deco and see why it’s still relevant today. Understand what a brief is by analyzing a real-world example and discovering how to take control of a project. Then, learn his sketching and research process. Once you’ve seen Mads’ tips and techniques, create the final draft of your illustration using tracing paper.

To continue, take your illustration and import it into Adobe Illustrator. Then, establish your project document and become familiar with the various color systems that are accessible. Discover helpful strategies for working with layers and groups and appreciate the significance of arranging your artboard. You can create every detail of your illustration by filling it with colors and gradients in the final stage of the artistic process.

Discover how to incorporate textures into your vector illustrations and effectively apply text and typography to enhance your artwork. Elevate your illustration by seamlessly integrating Art Deco ornaments, frames, and patterns. Lastly, gain insight on how to prepare your artwork for various formats, ensuring it is ready to share with your followers or clients.

If you’re planning to enroll in this online course, it would be beneficial to have some basic drawing skills and prior experience with Adobe Illustrator.

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