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Ignite your creativity and develop stories of everyday life into one-of-a-kind digital art through vibrant colors, intricate lines, layers, and luminous light.

If you’re looking to make powerful illustrations that will captivate your audience, Mojo Wang is the artist for you. His award-winning comics and visual essays are known for their bold colors, clean linework, and intricate details. From Nike to Kiehl’s as well as The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, WIRED – some of the biggest names in this industry have entrusted him with bringing their stories alive!

Let Mojo show you how to craft beautiful digital art with a tale that can be told. Learn the secrets of transforming your imagination into stunning illustrations through lines, layers, colors, and light!

Are you willing to put pen to paper and draw an imaginative web? Take this online course now and begin creating meaningful artwork right away! Read more below.

Learn Digital Illustration Techniques to Create Engaging Stories
Learn Digital Illustration Techniques to Create Engaging Stories

What will you learn in this online course?

Mojo Wang is your personal guide on this creative odyssey! He will tell you all about his own journey of starting anew in New York City after a move from China. Receive inspiration from beloved artists that motivate him to create and view artworks he has produced himself. Mojo is more than ready to share his experiences and wisdom with you during this course!

If you have ever wanted to understand the process of piecing together a visual essay, look no further. Here, you will learn how to craft an emotional narrative into your art and select a relevant topic for illustration. Assemble inspiring artwork on your mood board before sketching out ideas in thumbnails – all ready to create the perfect visual essay!

Transform your digital illustration with the power of Photoshop. Mojo will show you how to construct a striking color palette, create precise linework and utilize layers for flat coloring. He will also teach you advanced techniques such as adding highlights, shadows, and additional details that can take your design to the next level! Follow his step-by-step instructions for fast results sure to impress everyone who sees it!

Add the final touches to your art piece and discover how to export it in multiple formats so that you can print them out. Finally, Mojo will guide you through some essential steps to break into the publishing and communication sectors.

What type of project will you work on in this course?

Use Adobe Photoshop to construct a visual story that is reflective of personal experiences or any other topic you find interesting. This online course is perfect for illustrators, artists, and anyone who wants to learn how to combine storytelling with digital illustration.

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