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Tom Fox’s online course is the perfect way to bring your imaginative stories and ideas to life on paper. By following his easy-to-learn methods, you will be able to create vivid images of people and places from your imagination.

Transform your fantasies into tangible art with the help of pencil and paper. Being an experienced drawing instructor, as well as a storyboard artist for renowned media companies like Universal Studios, Axis Animation, and The BBC—Tom Fox has over ten years’ worth of expertise in the animation industry. Unleash your creative potential to draw realistic characters inhabiting vivid scenes under his guidance!

In this course, you will get to witness his adept skill in breaking down complex topics such as anatomy and perspective into more digestible lessons. Step-by-step, understand how to create realistic human figures represented in action – with your own unique take on the scene! Bring any idea that stems from your imagination onto paper and make it a reality.

Learn Basic Principles of Drawing People from Imagination
Learn Basic Principles of Drawing People from Imagination

Are you looking to expand your horizons and learn something new? This course is the perfect opportunity for you to do just that! Discover what exciting knowledge awaits inside this online program.

Get to know Tom Fox, your teacher. Learn the driving force that made him delve into drawing and how he then grew his passion into a career. His pieces reflect different artists who have motivated him over time – explore the ways in which they’ve impacted his craftsmanship!

In this course, Tom will guide you through the process of transforming a simple box mannequin into an advanced illustration with human anatomy, silhouettes, and contour lines. First, you’ll take two basic questions as your guide to learning how a certain form works in a drawing. Then step-by-step instructions will help you understand the basics of folds which can be used to add realistic clothing elements to your figures. Get ready for an exciting journey!

Put the lessons you’ve learned to use and start drawing people from your thoughts. Start by composing your mannequins in a scene; try out how they fit into their environment. Next, add a definition with tones of muscles and contours to appear more lifelike. Utilize what you now know about fabric draping to clothe them before refining details such as hands and heads for an ultra-realistic effect!

Now, add a touch of realism to your setting by adding layers and lighting. To give it more dimensionality, use both hard and soft edges for the finishing touches on your drawing. This combination will bring out its proper form and make it come alive!

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