Kristof Santy’s online exhibition Platform is open until August 1st at Unit London.

On display from July 18 – August 1, 2021, gallery Unit London presents Platform, an exclusive online exhibition by Kristof Santy.

Ranging from classical portraiture to kaleidoscopic still lives, Kristof Santy’s artworks often include various visual elements inspired by everyday life such as interiors, landscapes, gastronomy, and even folklore tales. Using bright and vibrant colors, his work possesses a playful quality.

For his recent Platform series, Kristof Santy decided to choose a coherent of four still life paintings, focusing on the interplay between color, form, and shape. Two of the pieces can be found below. For more, please the online exhibition at Unit London.

Kristof Santy, Fornuis, 2021
Kristof Santy, Fornuis, 2021

All images © by Kristof Santy and Unit London. Do not hesitate to browse through our Art category to find more inspiring work created by artists from around the globe.

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