Key visual development by Christo Krüger and studio Xfacta for the Kingsmead Book Fair 2016 campaign.

Christo Krüger is a graphic designer and illustrator who lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa. While working at studio Xfacta, he was tasked in 2016 to work on a striking key visual for the Kingsmead Book Fair campaign. His aim was to develop a visual experience that captures the essence of the event. The idea celebrates the profound impact books have on the reader. Each artwork is based on a bespoke grid, which is inspired by the books and their role as catalysts of countless information and opinions. Different portraits have been created with books and photographs that represent the readers.These key visuals represent the idea of how reading shapes the readers mind and thinking. This way, every reader acts like a collection of countless information, dialogues, plots, landscapes, and unique emotions channeled through the written words they have interacted with. Some images of the Kingsmead Book Fair campaign 2016 can be found below. To see more of Christo Krüger’s creative work, please visit his portfolio on Behance.

Kingsmead Book Fair, Process of creation.
Book grid portraits – process of creation.
Kingsmead Book Fair, Key visual - final result.
Kingsmead Book Fair, key visual – final result.
Kingsmead Book Fair, Different variants.
Different variants of portraits.
Kingsmead Book Fair, Posters.
Two posters.
Kingsmead Book Fair, Banners.
Event banners.

All images © by Christo Krüger and xfacta.


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