Kim Roselier Illustrations

Some personal artworks created by French illustrator Kim Roselier.

Kim Roselier is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, and painter who lives and works in Paris, France. Numerous of his artworks have been published in diverse magazines. In addition to his commercial work, Kim Roselier loves to create personal illustrations. A few of them can be purchased as art prints. With a dash of sarcasm and his unique sense of humor, Kim’s personal illustrations often relate to human sexuality. These pieces are characterized by a distinctive style of curvy lines, a striking color contrast, and a certain touch of graphic sophistication. Despite a clear statement, his images never seem to be too explicit.

Below you can find a few examples of his creative work. For those of you who want to see more of Kim Roselier’s amazing illustrations, please visit his website. Check out the Shop section on his website if you want to buy some prints.

Watch – illustration by Kim Roselier.
‘Watch’ – with his great sense of humor, he has illustrated exhibitionism and voyeurism in the age of the Internet.
After – humorous illustration by Kim Roselier.
‘After’ – that looks like a common routine. The man smokes a cigarette while the woman uses her smartphone.
Peace – illustration by Kim Roselier.
‘Peace’ – calm after the storm. This artwork is characterized by a great color contrast.
Rough – unrestrained pleasure illustrated by Kim Roselier.
‘Rough’ – unrestrained pleasure drawn with just a few simple lines. In this piece, I love the intersections of lines and colored areas. It creates a more subtle effect.
'Amour' – this work combines delicate lines and typography.
‘Amour’ – this work combines delicate lines and typography.
Road Triph – illustration by Kim Roselier.
Road Triph – illustration by Kim Roselier.

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