Dreamy illustrations by Jon Juarez.

Jon Juarez is an illustrator and animator who lives and works in San Sebastián, Spain. He describes himself as a soul of the wilderness, dragged by his pens towards civilization. The multi-talented guy is working as an author, book and comic illustrator, and animator for diverse film projects until he’s going back to his “wild” nature. His colorful work and numerous interviews have been published nationally and abroad. Some of his illustrations from different projects can be found below. For those of you who want to see more of Jon Juarez’s outstanding work, please visit his website or follow him on Behance and Instagram.

Jon Juarez, Beijing
A dreamlike and surreal illustration of Beijing.
Jon Juarez, Focaperro
Focaperro – the Spanish illustrator combines traditional and contemporary styles.
Jon Juarez, Musketaquid
Musketaquid, a surreal take on a cityscape.
Jon Juarez, Ollumarh
Ollumarh – poster design.
Jon Juarez, Ultravioleta
Ultravioleta – Surreal drawing.

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