Johan Van Mullem at Unit London

De Anima, a new solo show by Johan Van Mullem at Unit London from December 2, 2016 – January 6, 2017.

Abstract faces as reflections of our soul – Belgian contemporary artist Johan Van Mullem creates monumental paintings and sculptures of a rare psychological intensity. Mainly working with oil-based ink on unprimed boards and with no formal concept in mind, the artist works intuitively to produce obscured figures and landscapes that appear like otherworldly phenomena. From December 2, 2016 – January 6, 2017, Unit London will present a solo show of new paintings and selected sculptures created by Johan Van Mullem. Please read more below the first painting.

Johan Van Mullem – P14081, painting from 2014
Johan Van Mullem – P14081, an abstract painting from 2014.

The exhibition includes a vivid selection of latest artworks. With subtle influences by Francis Bacon, Francisco Goya, and Johannes Vermeer, his body of work offers a rich color palette and psychological dimensions. Despite the influence of art historical masters, Johan Van Mullem describes his work as reflections of current moods and personal experiences. As a child, the artist spent numerous years in different countries including Tunisia, Germany, Sweden, and Congo, which left a significant impression. For instance, some of the abstract faces remind of African masks that have been used as both totemic protection and portal to an otherworldly dimension. Below you can see some more images. To get further information about the forthcoming exhibition at Unit London, please visit:

Artist Johan Van Mullem in his studio, 2016
Artist Johan Van Mullem in his studio. An image taken in 2016.
Johan Van Mullem – Father and Son, 2016
Johan Van Mullem – Father and Son, 2016
Johan Van Mullem – Moving Harmony, 2016
Johan Van Mullem – Moving Harmony, 2016

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