Some editorial illustrations created by Joey Guidone for different publications.

Joey Guidone is an Italian freelance illustrator who works for international clients. He is currently represented by agency Salzman Int. His creative work is mainly characterized by a bright concept mixed with delightful shapes. His vivid illustrations appeared in major publications such as ESPN, Vanity Fair Italy, la Repubblica, CalTech, Variety, Feltrinelli, The Boston Globe, Johns Hopkins University, UCLA, Modus, Village Voice, Discovers, Investment Advisor, Research, Kiplinger, Four Seasons, Mercury News, BYU, Christianity Today, among others. Furthermore, his work has won numerous awards including Communication Arts Annual 58 (2017); 3X3 International Illustration Awards (2016), Merit; NY Society of Illustrators Annual 58 (2016); CQ46 Award of Excellence (2016); 3X3 Show No.13 Mention Award (2016); CQ43 Award of Excellence (2015); CQ42 Award of Excellence (2015); and NY Society of Illustrators Annual 56 (2014).

A small selection of editorial illustrations can be found below. For more, please have a look at Joey Guidone’s website or follow him on Behance and Instagram.

Joey Guidone, Depression Disease
Depression Disease.
Joey Guidone, Poggio Diana
Poggio Diana
Joey Guidone, Psychoses, drugs and mindfulness
Psychoses, drugs and mindfulness
Joey Guidone, A New Horizon For Public Health
A New Horizon For Public Health
Joey Guidone, Research Magazine
Research Magazine
Joey Guidone, Your spouse is cheating on you, on his phone, right now
Your spouse is cheating on you, on his phone, right now.

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