Let’s explore the creative world of Andrey Kasay.

Born and raised in east Russia, Andrey Kasay is an artist, illustrator and motion designer. Inspired by his own roots from far east, Andrey creates surreal illustrations and animations of somehow weird and funny situations. He uses striking colors along with distinct black outlines to produce a flashy and unique, cartoon-like pop art style. With a good doze of humor and a fresh look on all the things around him, he creates an alternative, kind of bizarre version of our world. During the past years he has worked for major brands and publishers such as Red Bull, Skittles, Washington Post, New Yorker, Google, Adidas, among others. Furthermore, selected artworks could be seen in numerous group and solo shows. He is currently represented in UK and Europe by production agency Jelly London. A small selection of illustrations and animations can be found below. For more, please visit Andrey Kasay’s website or follow him on Instagram.

Andrey Kasay, Poster illustration
A colorful poster illustration.
Andrey Kasay, Be one with the stairs
Be one with the stairs.

Andrey Kasay, Gymnastic feats
Awesome gymnastic feats.
Andrey Kasay, Pink cowboy
Animated pink cowboy.
Andrey Kasay, Basketball court
Basketball court.

Andrey Kasay, Surreal illustrations
Surreal illustrations of odd and funny things.

All images © by Andrey Kasay. Feel free to have a look at our Illustration and Motion categories. Both sections included a wide array of highly creative work.


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