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Check out Hot Rush, a wild retro font duo.

Experience an exhilarating journey back in time with Hot Rush! Taking a ride on the DeLorean past 80s nostalgia will never be this exciting. The Sans & Script font duo is made to fit like two pieces of a puzzle – the characteristic condensed sans that’s neat and easy to read, together with its accompanying script typeface which makes long, fast strokes for that extra oomph. Perfectly ideal for retro designs that require high-impact visuals such as logos, packaging, display text, and even merchandise design.

Experience the ultimate in retro coolness with Hot Rush and its two powerful fonts – feel the nostalgia come alive as you type out text that oozes 80s vibes. The combination of condensed sans serif and script font elevates your designs to a whole new level. Create something incredible today with Hot Rush!

Hot Rush Font Duo by Sam Parret
Hot Rush Font Duo by Sam Parret

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